Kooba Charlie has arrived

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  1. And she's a beauty. As gorgeous as I remember the first time I saw her IRL at Bloomies.:heart::heart:

    And dealing with LNinos was great. I ordered on Sunday night, received today. It would probably have been quicker, but on Monday we had some Paypal issues that had to be sorted out. None of which is LNinos fault. I highly recommend this seller, thanks to Lexie making me aware of them.
  2. What no pics!!!

    What colour did you get Janinevs..? I have my eye a black or a black python one :yes:
  3. I got the black Halzer, was a little nervous about getting a lighter color, after the reviews from everybody else. And I'm sorry, no pics, I don't have a camera, have never really needed one before joining here. Maybe if I stop buying bags, I can go out and get a camera.
  4. Okay, so I already transferred all my stuff. I happen to be using my Ginger today and immediately noticed the change in lining. Is this right? The Ginger has some kind of suede-like lining and the Charlie has canvas?
  5. Yes, the Spring '07 Koobas all have plain canvas lining. From what I have heard, most are in favor of the change because the lining is a bit more durable and stays tacked down better.

    Congrats on your new Kooba! LNinos is wonderful!
  6. Congrats on your new bag.

    Don't you just love to take out a new bag for the first time, just to show it off?
  7. Thanks for the info on the lining. Yip, whenever I have a new bag, I feel like I have to create an occasion to take her out. Yesterday, I got a last minute invite to lunch in a fancy restaurant, so I decided my Ginger is not dressy enough and I got to take the Charlie. And then the hostess complimented me on the Charlie.
  8. Black Charlie:heart:, lucky you!

    So Kooba has ditched the suede lining, didn't know that, just didn't look close enough inside the bag, do they still have the two cell phone pockets in addition to the zipped one?