Kooba Charlie - Don't!

  1. How sad this is. I have talked about it in another thread but as time goes by this warrents a "proceed with Caution" to potential buyers.

    I talked about how the bag is collecting small spots, stains, scuffs, etc. Now it's been 4 full days i've used it and it looks like a Bag I've used for a year. Everytime I look at it there is another spot, scuff, mark, etc. It's ridiculous. Maybe it is just the color but I am suspecting it's the type of soft leather they used on this bag.

    It's been sprayed with Wilson's. I cleaned it with Balenciaga cleaner and Used Blaenciaga Moisturizer. While the Moisturizer seems to help on the scratch/scuffs, the cleaner does nothing.

    And what is sad Is this is with very very very gentle use. I've babied this bag and this is what happens. Not sure what I will do. If I try to sell it, I will have to disclose all the marks and ask 100 bucks. This bag will prove a huge loss of money. And the biggest shame is the style is the greatest. Very functional Satchel. Very pretty bag...if you don't use it.
  2. Oh no. Lexie, how horrible!
    The Charlie is the satchel version form the same line as the Avery, right? I wonder if the Avery is so stain prone as well? Even in black, I would think that marks and scuffs would show?

    I'm so sorry that this happened to you. And it was such a pretty bag... I was just drooling when you got it.
  3. Wow, Lexie! How could that be?? I had that bag in my hot little hands a little while ago at Saks and I looked it over very carefully. I wouldn't even have thought that the leather, as soft as it was, would be so much trouble. What a crying shame. Thank you for the heads up. I'm sure a lot of Kooba lovers would find this information very useful. Bummer.
  4. Boo. That is such a beautiful style and color.

    You have the Nicole in luggage too, right? Would you mind sharing how that one is holding up...I'm thinking about contacting the store I got mine from and seeing if they can take it back. I'm so disappointed because these newer styles Kooba has been coming out with are just stunning.
  5. Oh what a shame! I love that style and color too.

    I suppose it could be a 'go to church' bag only, but still, it should hold up better.

    I would suggest writing to Kooba and letting them know this trouble or sending them this link. Any good company, and they are one, wants to know what customers think of their products.
  6. When I got the Charlie I hadn't even used my Nicole yet and decided I didn't want 2 large bags so I listed the Nicole on eBay, where it is now. I haven't touched the bag except to take pics and I don't know how the leather would wear. It seems to have a little more finish to the leather, a little sheen. The Charlie is so soft it almost seems like a brushed leather. The 2 bags feel and look a little different but have no experience with the Nicole and don't want to take it out of it's dustbag or box to even touch it at this point.
    I also have the Nina in Slate and I am afraid to touch it. This Spring Season may be a big learning lesson for all of us.

    I have older Koobas that look brand new. This season's leather may just not be what we are looking for in durability. When I pay big bucks I certainly want a bag for more than a season. In 6 months will eBay be flooded with worn and scratched 2007 Spring Koobas? Only time will tell.

    I still love Kooba bags but I have to be truthful. I will buy with caution from now on. No more diving in to get the newbags quick. I'll let someone else do the test drive first. Maybe I will stick to more finished leathers.

    NOTE: My Red Elisha Bag wears well and definitely does not share the same type leather, so I can't say bad things about all the 07 bags. I used it heavily for a wekk. By heavily I mean it's been tossed around and not babied at all and it shows not a sign of use. Looks brand new.
  7. Lexie, thanks for the feedback. Like you, I plan to hold off and see what others have to say before I buy another new Kooba style. But I still think they make gorgeous, functional bags and it's such a shame that some aren't holding up.

  8. I agree 100%. I am planning on staying the Kooba Queen for a long time. Every bag line has some "Duds" I suppose. But I can't sit here on the boards touting the wonderful new Charlie bag when someone may pay full price for something that will not end up a good experience. I'd rather my bad experience save someone, even if I have to say disparaging things about my Beloved Kooba. I'll judge each individual bag on it's own merit.
  9. How disappointing to say the least. We were all sharing in your joy of having the Charlie and now to hear this. I bet if anyone cares for their bags like you do only to find out the wear issues, try to imagine those that kinda toss their bags around. Eekk! So sorry to hear of your bag dilemma but we all appreciate your honesty and being so frank. You have been an incredible learning tool for all of us Kooba and handbag lovers. Once again....sorry.
  10. Yeah, I'm not the most gentle on my bags so I'll steer clear. I guess I should look at one of those beautiful slate bags.
  11. Lex,

    Can you post some pics? I'm curious to see how it looks.
  12. Hi Lexie

    Mine is cradled in its dustbag. I am in the same mind as you. I am not heavy handed at all, and the only handling of mine that has been done, is to photograph or admire. I have quite long nails and every single time I touch the bag, I feel as though even gently rubbing against it is marking it.

    It is such a shame, it is an absolutely gorgeous bag in every way.

    Yours is the luggage colour as well isn't it?

    I am wanting to get some leather conditioner or something to use on a couple of other bags, what would you suggest, particularly with the soft charlie leather?
  13. Oh no! How disappointing.

    Thanks for sharing so we don't have to go through that.
  14. Oh wow. I was just thinking about buying a white bag, not a Kooba, but this is totally making me reconsider. I'm sorry this happened to you :sad:
  15. Wow. Just wow.

    Thanks for giving all of us the heads up - I am staying clear of the newer ones for a while longer.