Kooba Charlie at Elux

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  1. Elux has some nice views of the Charlie. I thought this bag was a definite No for me but it sure has grown on me. I'm glad I decided to get it. I might like it better than the Nicole.
    Elux also has the Nicole but I'd love to know who took the picture of that bag. It looks nothing like the Nicole. It appears smaller and pebbled.

  2. I have just got my first Kooba. Charlie in luggage, although I expected a darker colour, it is absolutely gorgeous, and I am extremely impressed by the quality, for the price, unbelievable.

    I will need to keep a look out in Europe, to see if we can find any stockists.
  3. Charlie is growing on me as well. It really does look great in the pictures on eLux! Lexie you are SO the Kooba Queen. ;)
  4. I saw this at Nordstrom the other day and it has moved to the top of my Kooba list :smile: I really liked the luggage, but also was really fond of the black! That is saying something too because it is unusual for me to be drawn to black bags ;)