Kooba changing the design of their tags?

  1. I was shopping for Kooba's at their NYC sample sale this month & I noticed that in a couple of the bags, the brown tags were different. Before that day, all the Kooba tags I'd seen opened like a book (from right to left) and had horizontal writing on them.

    However, some of the tags I saw at the sale opened like you might open a calendar or legal pad (from the bottom) and had vertical writing on them (the top square had all the the "Kooba's made of lambskin leather..." info, the bottom square had the style ID # & model name info)

    Has anyone else seen these tags? Is this a new change for the 2007 collection? Or, worst case scenario, did this sample sale have fake bags for sale?
  2. I was not lucky enough to attend the Kooba sample sale as I live in Florida. The tags for all four of my Kooba bags open like a book with Kooba on the front. On the inside, on the left side is the "lambskin, grain, authenticity, quality info". On the right side is the style number, style, color and on the very bottom is the suggested retail price that is perforated in case you would want to remove it. Sorry, but I'm not familiar with the tags that you mentioned. There are alot of highly knowledgeable gals on here that should be able to answer you question.
  3. I've seen all kind of tags on authentic bags. Booklet type, calandar type and one sided card type. I think Kooba is changing them with seasons. The cards can't be a sign of authenticity anymore, (unless you spot a specific error like the retail price is wrong). ASAIK, the brownish orange-ish twined string is a constant.
  4. Thanks for the info - that's a relief! The bags at the NYC sample sale looked great otherwise. I'd just never seen those types of tags before, so it worried me a little.