Kooba Carly/Pamela

  1. Has anyone checked these new bags out yet? They are (to me) like the updated for Fall 07 Claudia/Chiara hobo style. I didn't really care for them at all, but I just saw a Pamela (the smaller of the two) in silver and ...WOW! Instant bag love (this from a non-metallic handbag woman!). I love the silver! :drool:

  2. I love the Carly and Pamela in lavender.
  3. I didn't care for the Carly but the Pamela is cute. It looks too small for me but it actually isn't too bad. You gonna get it?
  4. I'm sure thinking about it! Something about the tone of the silver and the softness of the bag are just calling my name! Being a "big bag girl" I'm a little worried about the size but it is pretty deep.....so maybe it would be okay.

    Jenny: Do you have a lavender one or are you thinking of getting one?
  5. Oh I love both of them! Is someone buying this little jewel then???
  6. I just realized another reason the silver version of this style appeals to me: it doesn't have the gold piping that the Carly/Pamela has in the other colors. That piping put me off.

    Oh my gosh....I NEED this bag! LOL! I haven't been this drawn to a bag for a LONG time. Funny what hits you and what doesn't, eh?

    Grace: I'm reeeally wanting it. But, because of The Ban I'm waiting a bit longer. Hopefully I can get one from lninos when I'm ready. Her price on this is really good! :drool:
  7. BAN! What's that? :graucho:

    It's Christmas and time to receive as well as give! :yes:
  8. Oh, I think that little PAmela is sooooo cute. Someone needs to buy one and then post some pics!!
  9. I really love the Carly and want one in lavendar!:p
  10. The Pamela is adorable! What other colors does it come in? Someone has to buy that one on eBay, quick! :tup:

  11. I've been watching them on eBay-- I think the seller is called Ininois-- the lavender Carly is back, she'd be great for summer. I'm hoping another turns up b/c I can't get it right now. They may not be everybody's cup of tea, but I :heart: the flashiness of the metallic piping.
  12. Saw the Carly & Pamela IRL at Saks today-- the leather is like buttah!
  13. Ack! I'm going to have to find a local store and call to see who is carrying them. Unfortunately for me, my Nordies no longer does. I really want to see this in person first to see which size suits me more....and to see who is carrying that silver babe I'm obsessing on!