Kooba Carly info needed..!

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  1. I just came across this brand and i am interested in the "carly" bag. Does anyone have any comments on it? Any modeling pictures? Does this have poor leather?

    and most important... WHERE ARE THESE BAGS SOLD AT??? :shrugs::shrugs:
  2. I replied to you on the other thread, sinnie. Didn't see this one first.
  3. oh elizat.. it seems every forum that catches my eye you are there lol..

    jewelry, coach, pets here.. =) *hugs*

  4. I don't have any of those stores.. just a nordstroms, i can call and see if they have ANY.. NM... there is one in sf but i refuse to drive there. i have one way streets!

    I want to touch one. Its either this or the coach pond tote atm.
  5. Aww, thanks, sinnie! Hugs to you as well, girl!:flowers:
  6. You can also email for stores/boutiques near you - customerservice@shop.kooba.com- but I don't know how quick they'll be. Sometimes Bloomies has them too. Good luck!
  7. Going to nordstroms at valley fair in ca. Hopefully they have something. If this mall has a LV and a Tiffanys they should have koobas in nord hehe