Kooba Carla from eBay - the real thing?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm trying to get familiar with what is real versus fake. Can you guys tell me about this one? Is it the real thing?

    Kooba Carla

  2. Yes, this looks authentic to me, although the auction has ended now.
    Were you the winning bidder?
  3. It's real, this is the 4th time she's listed it. The first 2 times she said it had a 'spot' on it. It ended the first 2 times with no bids. I e-mailed her and asked if she'd consider an offer. She told me she had taken the bag to a leather shop to have the spot removed and it was no longer for sale. Then it was listed again, and sold
    Must have been a non-paying bidder?
    kit02- - did you buy it this time around!?
  4. Yup, I got it - I was nervous b/c I bid first then asked here so I'm relieved its real!
    Thanks!! :smile: