Kooba Carla for $162 at NM

  1. still there! someone grab it!
  2. Thanks SOOO much! I snagged it in black. Here's hoping my order goes through and it's not OOS!
  3. I had the camel in my cart, went to check out and it said sorry out of stock. Esch, NM makes me nuts.

  4. I got one! It still showed as available after I check out though, so it wasn't me.

    Sorry you missed out.
  5. great deal, but gone.
  6. Moogle, I'm glad another PF'er got one! : ) The last thing I really needed was one more bag. After the HH sale I am knee deep in bags.
  7. No kidding. Me too. I have 3 HH bags on the way from their big sale so no Carla for me!
  8. Dang it! I'm way too late on that one. I would have loved one in black...someone's a lucky girl!
  9. Ciatta,

    I suggest bookmarking this link. You never know - it just might show up again. I have this bag in metallic brown and I absolutely adore it. For that price, it's a ridiculously good deal! :yes:
  10. Wow - that is a good-looking bag. I'm getting a Kooba one of these days, I swear.
  11. Looks like the ginger is larger and is different where the handles hit the bag.
  12. Good idea...thanks! I'm a Kooba gal four times over and I'm always looking for a really great deal to add to my group.
  13. Good deal!