Kooba Carla - Chestnut

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  1. If anyone knows where I can get this bag at a reduced price I would be interested. Thanks.
  2. Here is a Carla in Terraine at 20% off (see the 20% off code flashing at the top of the page). That brings it down to $480.00.

    DASZIGN.COM - Buy Online Kooba Terraine Carla Leather Shoulder Bag

    Also, check your Sak's Off 5th stores. I saw Ginger, Carla and Braeden in mine in Cincinnati, most marked around $299 although colors were limited to black and terraine.

    I suspect eBay may have some but authenticity is an issue there.

    Good luck.
  3. Neiman Marcus has the Kooba Carla in Brown Metallic for $390 and the Ginger Chestnut $381. Good Luck!
  4. I just checked kooba.com and your exact bag is on sale for $455.00. That may not be the best price around but you know it is geniune and in the color you want. :smile:

    Carla - Kooba Official Store
  5. That may be the route I end up going - seems no one else carries it lately. Thanks girls, and to anyone else for any help.
  6. If you have a Saks Off Fifth near you they had them-you could always call one of them!:p