Kooba Care?

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  1. I am anticipating the arrival of my first Kooba ~ Nelli in yellow!

    Do these bags need to be treated or protected?
  2. Congrats on your new purse! It looks so happy that color. I would recommend spraying it with either Apple leather care or Wilsons leather protector. Just to be careful because it is a slightly light colored purse. I think if you head over to the deals and steals section there is a promotion going on right now for Apple Leather Care.
  3. Thanks for the reply :smile: I can't wait to receive this bag.

    Do you mean the Apple Rain Garde spray? That one is a sealant and protectant. I also have the leather cleaner and conditioner. Just not sure which one you mean.
  4. Sorry, I don't know too much about the apple brand one, I just use Wilsons but some other ladies here also use the apple one. And i figured there was some promo going on you can try that. Hopefully someone more knowledgable will chime in.
  5. I use Wilson's too. I don't know much about the Apple brand b/c I don't use that, but I'd assume it is the spray like the Wilson's.
  6. I wouldn't use Creams. I plaster all my bags with 3 heavy coats of Wilsons. It warded off salad dressing on my Elisha and My Nelli was in a big rain storm today with no bad results.
  7. thanks Lexie! Will get some Wilson's then.

    How do you like your Nelli? I got mine today!!! As I said, it's my first Kooba. The coloring varies throughout the bag, is that normal? Some lighter shades here and there?
  8. That is "one" of the general complaints. My bag is fine but more than a few are not. I wouldn't use that bag until you treat it 3 times. It's got very soft leather. I would not be happy with uneven color but that is a personal thing with a bag owner and their bag.
  9. I'm not happy with the unevenness (is that a word?), but wasn't sure if that was a Kooba "thing". It seems that there are two different types of leather used on this bag. One part is super smooth and flat; the other side is kind of rough and not flat.
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