Kooba Canvas Marcelle

  1. Does anyone have a familiarity with the Kooba Marcelle Canvas? Do you love it? It seems a bit hard to keep clean....can I scotchguard it? :confused1: I've always thought it was a great looking bag, but then wondered with it being canvas if maybe the bottom sides would wear away - if I got dirt on it, it'd be ruined. At least with leather you can do a leather cleaner, but canvas? Any thoughts would be appreciated!:happydance:
  2. Wow, that's a cute bag!! I'm a fan of Kooba... I have the Ginger in gold. I've never seen this bag though. I agree, it does seem like it would be hard to keep clean. But still... I LOVE IT though!! :yes:
  3. i have the anna corrina lotus tote in white and it didn't take long to get dirty...it's not that bad that i think i need to make the effort to clean it :shame:, but it's starting to show wear. when i do get around to cleaning it, i will probably spot clean with some ivory liquid or something....

    overall, i think it would be tough to keep clean, but not necessarily tough to clean, if that makes sense...i love white canvas bags!
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