Kooba Brynne

  1. [​IMG]
    Seriously, could we talk about how much I love this bag? The leather is so beautiful and soft, it is the perfect size, fits so nicely under your arm. And the corset-laced details look amazing IRL.
  2. I Love it and I almost got it but the shape reminded me so much of my Marcelle I decided to settle on the Keira, the smaller version of this bag. It's a shoulder bag with a flap but still has the pretty corsetting that really makes this bag cute. The leather is very nice. I like Kooba's Fall stuff!
  3. Cool! I'm eyeing a black one for fall and this has a little more formal look than my Sienna (in desert, which is going to hibernate come F/W).
  4. It's beautiful. The studs on the handle combined with the lacing detail give it just the right edge.
  5. Leather with corsetting! :love: What color Keira did you get? I loooove that bag, but I'm afraid it would be too small for me. However, Annie (the larger version) might be perfect! I'm seriously in love with this bag. I haven't seen it in person yet, but if the leather is gorgeous, I'm definitely in trouble.
  6. I like this bag. It looks very unique with the lace detailing. I have not seen it in stores yet, but I know that Kooba has really soft leather.
  7. I have the Keira in black. BUT...it is small. I have a BIG Isabella Fiore Wallet and it fits with all my other stuff but is stuffed with no room for any incidental addition. So I am selling it sadly. I need function above all else. I am going to get a Jillain and a Small Paige bag when they come out next month.
  8. I love that bag, it's gorgeous, I love the corset detail.
  9. I just saw this bag at Bloomies the other day and it is gorgeous!
  10. I LOVE this bag too. I am gonna go check it out in person this weekend.