Kooba Brynne

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  1. Do these still come up on eBay? Are they one of the styles commonly re-made as fakes?
  2. I am not an expert but I think the fake Brynnes are either too textured or not textured at all. The authentic Brynne has striation texture/color variations to the leather.
    Unfortunately they do not come up often on eBay and when they do they go very quickly. It is a great bag that is not heavy. I saw an auburn one last year at neiman's last call and I did not buy it due to other purchases I had made and I have been kicking myself ever since. I know there are several of us that are always on the lookout for one color or another. Good luck with your search.
  3. Thanks again! :smile::smile:
  4. The Brynne has definitely been faked, so you have to be careful on ebay. If you see one, post it on the 'Authenticate This Kooba' thread and get it authenticated first. Here's a pic of the auburn one I used to have. This picture was taken in bright Saudi sunlight, it normally doesn't appear so red. In my opinion it is one of Kooba's best loved leathers and one of the pluses is that it is not heavy at all.

  5. Mini.....:drool:.........sigh.........
  6. I know, I know, it brings back very fond memories. I'd better not put up a pic of my olive Sienna, because that just makes it worse.
  7. so beautiful. I love the variations in the color on that bag.
  8. I just was able to get back this bag that I bought and sold twice. This time it stays with me. It's a lovely lovely bag. One just sold on ebay for around 280.00 in Oak. Mine is Auburn.

  9. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!! Congrats Lexie!
  10. Yummy Brynne! Sometimes I regret selling my black one.
  11. Just gorgeous, Lexie! That color is amazing..:love:
  12. Wow, it's good to see Kooba's finest oldies in pictures, it's making me wish I hadn't sold mine. I was looking on ebay today and heck, their newer season bags are so whacky. Kooba is really going in the wrong direction.
  13. sigh..............................drool..............sigh.................
  14. It is a beautiful bag. I just sold my auburn one to a new TPFer who just moved to Gainesville. I haven't carried her in a long time and knew she would carry her regularly and give her the "love" she deserves. She came over Saturday and I pulled out my Kooba collection to share the Siennas, Lucys, Devins and Marcelles - along with several other "only have one" styles. It's nice to have a TPF girlfriend who lives in the same town. We're going to compare Belen Echandias in a few days. She's been "bitten" by the bug now like the rest of us. I'm sure if I end up with seller's remorse (like we all do) on the Brynne, I can get her back. She has wisely also gotten a mocha champagne Renee.
  15. I finally got the Brynne and you all are right -this bag is beautiful! I've received so many compliments on this bag and its not nearly as heavy as it appears. The leather is soooo soft. This is truly a well-made bag. I especially love the brass hardware. So many designers use cheap hardware which makes their bags look cheap. I hope Kooba brings back the Brynne next because I would love this bag in auburn also.