Kooba Brynne Leather ?

  1. I have the Slone and Lena. The Leather on these is semi soft and repel water well.
    Will some of you that own the Kooba Brynne please tell me your thoughts on the Leather.

    Also in the Tan the Lena has A differant smell; Is the Brynne like this also in any shades of Brown? Any input will be A Plus.
  2. I have a sloane and had a Brynne, but returned it. Brynne is lambskin, I believe, and was much thinner than the leather on the sloane. The brynne had a similar leather smell to the sloane. I didn't ever carry the bag except to try out around the house, so I can't vouch as to repelling water. The brynne is a lot lighter than the sloane, IMO.
  3. So you had both in Tan? They both had A smell? I know the Black does not have the smell I am asking about. Thank you for your reply.
  4. Okay, my sloane is tan- the honey color. The brynne was the auburn color- reddish brown. It had a very similar smell to the sloane. Is that what you were wondering?
  5. Yes thank you
  6. I have both as well and they smell pretty much the same. Brynne smells nice and I love that bag, it's gorgeous.
  7. The Honey Lena had A bad smell as refered to in some of the Post. That is why I was asking about the Brynnes smell in differant Colors:rolleyes:.
  8. I have a Brynne and consider it to be a real workhorse. The Brynne is lambskin, but the leather is thick and finished in a way that gives it a real smooth finish. It isn't absorbent at all, IMHO, and I wouldn't worry for a second if I was caught in a rainstorm carrying it. And to boot, it's my favorite style that Kooba makes. Doesn't get much better than that, does it? :love:
  9. I agree with KoobaLover. I have a black Brynne and have been in a drizzle with it a few times without any problem at all. I love that bag!
  10. I have the Brynne in black and oak and I'd say the leather is semi-soft. For some reason my oak one has a stronger, more yummier leather smell! The Brynne is awesome! One of my all time favorite bags!:p