Kooba Brett

  1. I ordered a Kooba Brett in Chocolate from Saks FashionFix and it just came! What a GREAT bag. I will post pictures when I get the chance. This is my 2nd Kooba. Both were several seasons old when I bought them, but they are new to me nonetheless. The first Kooba I bought was an olive green Pippa.

    The retail on the Brett was $395 and I got it for $195. It's really the perfect size for me. Anyone else have this bag? Wondering how well it will wear?
  2. I don't have it, but can't wait to see pics!
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    Here are some pics of my new chocolate Brett! What I really love, and one of the main reasons I bought it, is that the straps across the top of the bag turn into a handle! So it's a crossbody/shoulder bag, but you can grab it by the handle, too. Such a creative design!
    IMG_1001.jpg IMG_1002.jpg IMG_1003.jpg IMG_1008.jpg IMG_1009.jpg
  4. I borrowed these two pics from the Saks website. The bag is really great in person. I love the pleats!
    brett.jpg brett 2.jpg