Kooba Braeden Cheap!!! (Brown)

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  1. I lifted this bag at a boutique a few months ago, it weights a TON empty. You need a forklift to get it on your shoulders.

    Fair warning to buyers, it might look stylish but it is a weight lifting workout to use it.

    I wonder if it comes with a personal trainer.....
  2. That's the thing, it IS the personal trainer. Nice of Kooba to think of our health needs as well as our fashion needs, I think.:p
  3. LOL. This bag has been on the AE site off and on since last summer!!! No word of a lie. It was gone for awhile but obviously someone felt the same way about how heavy this bag is and returned it. I bought the ADA woven tote last July at the same time that Braedon was up and it really does weigh a gazillion pounds!!! I can't bear to sell it though. So pretty. Hey, some people have vases or pictures around their house. I have purses. :graucho:
  4. The Ada Leather tote weighed a Gazillion pounds too. Off to eBay it went. I am so happy with my Leather Braedon. It's much more manageable in weight and still has the Black biker thing going with all the studs. Nice comprimise.