Kooba Bought At Sample Sale - Keeper??

  1. Hey everyone. Here's an interesting one. I bought from a reputable person a SAMPLE Kooba from some New York sample sale. The tag says "Kooba New York" - even the inside tag on the purse says "sample - not for sale" so it's pretty cool that it might be a one-of-a-kind. In any case, on the tag it says "Kooba Cecile" and the color is "Ash". It's 1100% authentic, so that's not my issue. I think it morphed into a "Jessie" but the color they decided against. I've been back and forth on whether to keep it....one day I love it because it's probably only like a couple in existence and then on another day it's like "I'm not crazy about the straps." It's a little bit on the small side for me - but I thought it might be nice for a more dressy occasion - wearing a Marcelle all the time can be a little casual. In any case, I attached some not-so-good pics - and was hoping to see if you thought I should part ways or it's a keeper....
    KoobaGrey1.jpg KoobaGrey2.jpg KoobaGrey3.jpg
  2. OOOHHH, I think it is really CUTE! And I LOVE the color...I would say FOR SURE keep it if it is going to be a rarity, but if you are not crazy about it, you could probably sell it for more than you have in it!
  3. I am a Kooba lover!! I say keep it. You'll never see another like it!!
  4. Okay. Better pics. Even though it's small? Okay - I appreciate feedback. My friend who is so NOT into bags could care less....:wtf:
    KoobaGrey.jpg KoobaGrey2.jpg KoobaGrey3.jpg
  5. I think it's cute!
  6. I think its so cute you should send it to me. The address is LOL!

    Its a keeper I am sure you can down size a little and learn to love it.
  7. i'd really love the leather texture shown on your 2nd post pics!
    it's pretty!
  8. I say keep it! :yes:
  9. Keep it!
  10. i'm normally not a big kooba fan (sorry to those of you who are!)...but i actually really like it. and the fact that it's recognizable as a kooba, but is still potentially a one-of-a-kind style? i'd definitely keep it :smile:

    but then, i have a really hard time parting with my bags :rolleyes:
  11. It is definetely a keeper. Enjoy!
  12. I love it:nuts: And this is coming from someone that never paid any type of attention to Kooba. Didn't like the woven bags sorry:shame: Buy that is totally cute.
  13. I love it! Is the leather as soft and smooshy as it looks? If I were you, I'd keep it.
  14. it's a keeper...:yes:
  15. Yep, it's definitely a Jessie. Look at my Avatar. They may have slightly refined it and my Jessie looks to have a heavier pebbled leather. It's definitely one of a kind so I'd keep it. I'm not crazy for the color so that would be a turn off to me and I wouldn't use it much. If that is the case, then I'd try selling it.
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