Kooba Bonnie

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  1. Hello! Anyone out there a Kooba Bonnie lover? Just received one from Bloomies & even though I measured it all out beforehand, it seems, well so small... Guess I'm used to the big bags...can't even get it on my shoulder...Returned for the Elisha- my dream! Thought I'd finally treat myself! Love all your posts- so helpful & fun!
  2. It is a small thing but I think it's width gives it a little more room. It was way too small for me but Cute as a button. Good for a Going Out bag.
  3. I have the Bonnie and the Elisha. I use the Bonnie as an everyday bag because it is big enough for me. I use my Elisha when I travel and have to carry all my meds., jewelry etc.

    I love them both.

    What color did you decide on?
  4. would love pix of both thanks
  5. I actually returned the Bobbie & got the Elisha direct from Kooba. I love it! Its just the right size- not as overly large as I thought it would be. I couldn't get seem to get the Bobbie comfortably on my shoulder enough without feeling goofy. The Bobbie was very cute though...just not for me right now since I am toting around 3 little kids.
  6. Hi Ginger! koobas website has great shots of both being modeled!
  7. PS- I got the brown. It was the color I actually wanted & the only color left at Kooba's direct website. Its pretty & looks like it will age well. Brown looks nice with hardware too!
  8. I have the Brown Elisha also. It is a great bag and durable.
  9. I love the Elisha. I'm still thinking about getting my hands on one. Perfect size, IMO.