Kooba Bonnie Soooo Cute SOOOOO small

  1. Aaaaawwww! I am sad. This thing is sooo darling. So darn cute. And is so darn small. It is a size of a small Easter Basket (and kind of reminds me of one too). Beautiful leather and I could jam all my stuff in if I wanted but I wouldn't be able to close it.

    This bag is perfect for a Wallet/keys/phone/make-up kinda gal. I guess you could slip it on your shoulder but to me it's more of a wristlet! LOLOL Here are some pics. Slappin' it on eBay tomorrow to try to recoup. I keep thinking about keeping it but is is just not practical for me.





  2. Oh Lexie, that's too bad, I know you looked forward to this...So it's too small to put everything in, but ok if you're just nipping out for a quick meal and don't want to take a big bag? (always hard to find a safe place to store it if the place is busy, this you could just put next to you on the chair right?) How was the colour? What you expected? Soft leather? TIA:smile:
  3. Well, it depends on how big your butt is I guess!! LOL It's got about a 6 inch base. This bag could fit in your lap. I would say it will comfortable hold a large wallet, keys, several lipsticks, cell phone, gums, mints. In the inner zip you could put some pill tin, and some feminine products. You could probably put in more stuff too. It's just not going to hold my book and papers, and all the extra crap. It would be a great "Go to the Mall" bag.

    The leather is luscious just like the Elisha. Soft soft and squishy and the color is a pretty blondy peachy creamy color. The peachier ones in the pics I added is more real.
  4. Thanks Lexie, have to go and check if there are six inches to spare when I've plonked my butt on the chair, LOL

    Good luck with finding another home for your bag:smile:
  5. That sound you hear is everyone leaving to hunt down a tape measure. Lol. Mine says I need to lose 2 inches to meet the requirements. (and even then, it's going to fall off the side of my computer chair.:smile:) It really is cute though. I'm sorry, Lexie. :sad:
  6. Awww... Its too bad you have to get rid of it. I love the color! :yes:
  7. Aw, I am sorry it's too small for you, but it is as cute as a button. And you are so right, it will not hold other than wallet, keys, abit of makeup and cell.

    I know that size will work for me, my Bonnie isn't due for another 2 weeks or so.

    Maybe we should think of the Bonnie as an oversized clutch.
  8. It is cute, but I couldn't function with a bag that small either.

    I know a lot of girls don't want the big bags that so many of us have to have, you won't have any trouble selling it on eBay.

    Thanks for the pics!
  9. Small is right! I saw it at Saks last Thursday and I thought "That's it?" It certainly is adorable but not practical for everyday use. Maybe could fit it into the budget at a sale price but couldn't justify full price on a bag that I would seldom use. Sorry that you're disappointed as I'm sure you were anxiously awaiting its arrival.
  10. I saw it in Sax and thought it would be a great "going out" bag but and everyday bag? not in a million years!
  11. How sad, the color of this looks lovely & very versatile. Are you sure you might never need a minimalist handbag?

    And what, no pics of Bonnie being modeled by DH? She's small on us, but on your "in house model", she'd look like a coin purse.:yes:
  12. i'd love to see YOU model that bonnie just so we could see the comparison from wrist to bag!
  13. It would be nice to see the Bonnie next to your Elisha.
  14. What a cute bag Lexie, sorry it is too small. I LOVE that blond color too!
  15. I'm sorry guys...the bag is all boxed up and taped. I'm kinda anal about having my items ready to go. I have nightmares about my stuff being left out, being up for sale, and something terrible happening to them.

    Hubby might have problems modeling this bag. It really is so feminine he would fear it would counteract his masculinity. A more "androgenous" Nicole makes him feel safer! LOL