Kooba Bonnie Size Dilemma

  1. Hello everyone!

    I am in love with the Kooba Bonnie and Elisha, however right now I trying to save my money and feel that the Elisha is just a little too pricey for me. Do you feel that the Bonnie would be a good alternative or is it too small in your opinion?


  2. This was brought up in another thread yesterday. I found some pics on eBay of the Bonnie being modeled. Hope this helps!


  3. So cute! My next buy for sure.
  4. That's definitely a matter of personal preference, I think.

    Both styles are wonderful, the Elisha is my next purchase. The Bonnie is equally adorable but it's too small for me. It might be perfect for you, though.
  5. I'm getting it and will use it for a smal bag when I don't want to carry alot. I also put in an order for my beloved Nina. This is the bag I waited for for 6 months, and I know it's small, but I want it! I'll get it in slate. It's only 12x7x2.5. I am hoping the Bonnie is deceiving because of it's width. It may hold more than we think.
  6. I played with a Bonnie in Red at Nordstroms.

    And yes, Lexie, I fondled what wasn't mine. I poked her, stroked her leather, tried on the strap and opened up her tummy, peeked inside and admired her on my arm in the mirror.

    You can fit her over your shoulder but it could be a tight fit for some or if you had on a jacket.

    Bonnie is small for some but a good size for me. She pooched out nicely (like my tummy after ice cream). Inside you could fit a medium wallet, keys, small appt. book and glasses.

    I like Bonnie for a cute summer purse and am considering getting one in Red.
  7. Excellent! Thank you all so much for your help :smile: I am going to Scotland next month and will most likely pick one up in red or blonde!
  8. Another fondler coming clean ...
  10. I only wish she came in rose, too.
  11. ooooh, A Bonnie in Rose! Now that sounds so pretty!

    SalesRep? You "played" with her? Did you chase her around the room, tumble on the floor, play peek a boo, and tickle her tummy?

    Just Beware any potential Kooba Lovers who like our Kingdom. Just like in any neighborhood...we have a few sickos!
  12. I think the Bonnie is SO adorable. I can't decide which color I want. Lexie, which color are you getting?
  13. see for me when i am travelling i need a bigger bag cause i am bound to add to what i normally carry with a travel book/guide, a bottle of water,,, and with all my normal stuff i feel like it would just be exploding

    i think that for me personally it would be too small i just need to be able to shove stuff in my bag id rather have xtra room then go nuts with not enoug rooM :smile:
    thats just me
    but of course if i could have elisha and bonnie i would haha but to choose just one for me (which is my situation) i am gonig with elisha