1. What color would you get? Orange or green? Like them both.
  2. I saw some on sale on the Luna Boston site and with their GRECHEN code that gets you an additional 20% off, that should be a great deal on either of those colors. I really like the orange one.
  3. I think I am gonna get the orange! I have never felt a Kooba IRL, but I cannot resist the orange patent
  4. Shopbop has an additional 25% off sale items (through 7/2/09) and I saw the Orange Blake listed on sale--check it out!
  5. Ordered mine yesterday, the orange, from Luna Boston at 20% off. As usual, the minute I buy a purse, it goes on sale for less somewhere else!! LB's price was less to start with so it is not much of a difference.
  6. Well, let us see it, Buttercup, when it comes in. I still think you got a very very good deal!
  7. I will post a picture when she comes in.
  8. Either way, you didn't pay full price and that's great. Does LB price match?
  9. I got the one at LB and I saw Shopbop's sale the very next day. It makes it like $17 cheaper. I emailed Lb's customer service and she said she would price adjust but it would be a final sale if I did. And to let her know after I got the bag and decided to keep it.

    Well I got the bag yesterday and it is beautiful, but...on the handle it has a mark. I'll post a picture later. It is not that noticeable, but for a bag that retails for $650, it should be flawless IMO.
    I will emAil them in Monday so see if I can exchange it. I'm still trying to decide if I want to keep it in general. Or save my $$ for a Damier Nf???
  10. I have been carrying my Blake and I love her. As soon as I get my camera back I will post a picture. The orange is very pretty and really can be worn year round.

  11. That's terrific! I love mine too, it's broken in so well and just kind of molds to my body as I carry it. :cloud9:

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  13. What an excellent price!!!!
  14. Looks like someone purchased them. There was one yellow and one black when I was on the site. Hope it was someone from Tpf