Kooba Black Meredith

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  1. Hey ladies,
    I just had to ask. What do you all think of this bag? When I was at a sample sale in the fall I saw a very petitie girl wearing this bag and it looked great on her. I actually bought it at the sample sale and decided to sell it rather than wear it b/c I had a lot of black bags. I wanted to know what you all think about this bag. I can't give away LOL I tried listing it one thousand times and no biters.To me, the bag has some of the best leather I've seen on Koobas. I thinking I should just keep it. I don't know maybe they'll be another waive in the future LOL
  2. I actually love this bag and maybe your auction was the one I was debating bidding on (over and over again).. the problem for me is that it isn't my top choice and I don't have the money to buy several bags at a time. So when I can buy a bag I buy one that is at the top of my list, kwim? If I had a little extra money I would SO buy this bag!! I think it's very cute and fun!
    I always watch the listings when I see them up. If I saw one for very little money ($150 or so) I'd jump on it!!
  3. I think this is a great bag and I've always been interested in it. I keep meaning to borrow it for a week from BBOS to check it out first but something else (usually new) always catches my eye. It looks like such a great work bag. The only thing I wonder about is if it would keep its shape. Does anyone know?
  4. Love it. I have the smaller version, the Nina, which is really elegant as an evening bag with its chain shoulder strap - and actually very comfortable! The only thing, which is very funny, is that when I set it down, the chain goes "CLANK!!!" really loud on the seat.

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  5. I have a blonde meredith and I'd have to say it's pretty unstructured. Doesn't keep its shape that well. But the way it's shaped your stuff stays pretty organized...doesn't just float around the bottom like a big hobo.