Kooba Black Marcelle on Ebay

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  1. I was just looking at the bag. I really like the bronze one on eBay better but that price of 479 is too high. Nice looking bag. Oh My....I have to stop purse browsing!
  2. It looks legit, but the pics aren't the best. She shows a picture of the receipt, but who can read it?

  3. Regardless of how good the pics look (and there's one close up of the leather which looks a little iffy) I'd avoid it. Her feedback is just too low to take the chance.

    Also, don't forget that anyone can have a good picture - they can just pull a generic one, or even worse - buy a real one, take pictures of it, make a copy of their invoice, and then send you a fake one. Lots of scamming going on on eBay - especially with Koobas. 95% of them are fake I'd say - and that's being generous.

    Stick to trusted sellers. The price may be a lot more than you'd pay with some of these cut rate sellers, but it's still better than retail, and you're insuring that you'll be getting the real thing.
  4. In this case I think the bag is real but it's true. I couldn't bid for a higher priced item off a seller with 7 feedback. There are many good Kooba sellers to choose from. But the problem is...None of them have Marcelles!!
  5. Lovely bag! And it does look authentic and it's likely that the seller is legit, but I'd still not want to take a chance with such a new and unproven seller. JMO.
  6. I agree, too bad, it is a lovely bag.
  7. Sometimes you gotta go with your gut instinct, and her auction matches up with her feedback, she looks like a newbie (who want's to off some of her own purse & shoe collection) and we all have to start somewhere.. She has sold a couple of items, and her buyers have been happy. I'd bid (if I wanted a Marcelle).

    Now take a look at this auction:
    eBay: Auth Dark Brown Kooba Marcelle Slouchy Shoulder Bag (item 260098327073 end time Mar-18-07 19:51:38 PDT), just listed today, 24 hour auction, perfect professional description, pictures are great, yet she's never sold a thing (on this ID), and has a buying feedback of 12. Something doesn't add up, if you ask me.
  8. Poor person who bought this bag. Look at that leather. Uniform and perfectly pebbled. They do make fakes look pretty good these days and to a person who doesn't know what Kooba leather is like, this bag would have looked like a steal.