Kooba black cape and cropped blazer...$312

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  1. Now I know there's going to be a rush for these, so I'll be good and step back and let you all get your 'must have' jackets.
  2. I'd look like Batman in that cape...
  3. You know, I'm not totally against that blazer. If I weighed 2lbs and were completely flat chested, that is.

    On the cape... I still say it reminds me of the bubble umbrella I had in the 70s. Or maybe they're bringing back that Nanny and the Professor look. Just need the jaunty little hat Juliet Mills wore with her cape and the outfit is complete.

  4. Gosh ....I loved the Nanny & the Professor!!! Now I keep humming that theme song. IT's been so long since I've seen it.

    Kooba Clothing does nothing for me. I'd rather go to Wilson's for leather jackets, etc.