Kooba bags on sale?

  1. Hello everyone,
    I recently came across these two bags called
    Hailey satchel and "Faye". I really want to buy these two bags, however, I noticed that Kooba bags do go on sale sometimes.
    Can anyone tell me if all Kooba bags eventually go on sale ? Or does it depend on style?

    Thank you so much !!!:smile:
  2. I *think* they all eventually go on sale, though it's hard to say.

    I wish this forum was a bit more active... I'd love it if we had some people out hunting for Koobas that could notify others when they hit the Rack or off 5th or whatnot! :smile:
  3. I'll try to do so. I'm a member of Ideeli, Haute Look, Beyond the Rack, and Rue La La. I think there was one Kooba 'sale' a month ago or so (I posted it in Deals and Steals, I think) but prices weren't enticing... :oh:

    I've never seen any in my local Off Fifth. My NM Last Call store has some but prices are pretty close to list, IMHO. Last Call has their 'clearance/clearance' rack (40-65% off). I can photo if I see any... but then you'd have to get to Naples FL to buy it. :smile:
  4. I got a bag from a seller recently on eBay that was from Off 5th, (I'm *almost* positive... it was such a terrible experience that I may be remembering incorrectly!)

    I :heart: Naples. I'd be HAPPY to come buy one there! ;)

    And thank you MUCH for keeping an eye out!
  5. My local Neiman Marcus LAST CALL clearance center has a BOGO on Koobas (and other designers) today (not sure how long it lasts). They had a Lena, two Bryce, a Sienna, Jasmine, Olive, a Micki and two what I believe were Monroes.

    They also had two Koobas on 65% off clearance. Snagged a few photos. Didn't buy anything... yet. ;) Am thinking hard on the Monroe and the Lena. I do NOT need another bag but dang, a Kooba BOGO!
    kooba canvas nmlastcall clearance.jpg kooba gold nmlast call clearance.jpg kooba nmlast call BOGO.jpg
  6. Correction/addition to the above--it wasn't a Lena, it was an Anna. And there was also a Kara there. :smile: Anyone else check their local NM Last Call?
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  8. I posted about a Gilt-Kooba sale on here back in April.
    http://forum.purseblog.com/kooba/kooba-sale-at-gilt-today-677179.html The selection was nice, the prices weren't enticing. I've not seen a Kooba sale on there since but designers/items seem to make the rounds of the sample sites.

    The sale section on the Kooba site IMHO is higher priced than my local NM Last Call. But if you're not near a Last Call then it's always worth checking, yes.
  9. WOW! I will definitely be checking this weekend! THANK YOU for the heads up!!
  10. A new fan of Kooba stuff! Don't know too much about this! While I would like to learn more from this forum!
  11. Welcome to the Kooba addiction, fortomorrow! Go browse the photos in this section and you'll learn oodles (and drool a fair bit too!) ;)
  12. I wish we had a Nemian Marcus Last Call here!!:sad:
  13. Just bought a brown Hailey @ Amazon -- discounted from 540USD to 385USD! :tup:
  14. I bought a Faye in luggage at Neimans sales yesterday - original price $495 down to $298 - they had an extra 25% off the sale price. I feel happy with the price on it. Very cool bag.
  15. Oooh, envious! LOVE the Hailey! Do post pics so we can drool.