Kooba bags on Ebay?

  1. I am new here and have a question. Has anyone bought from any of the sellers on Ebay? I am obviously concerned about authenticity. Is there any way to tell a fake Kooba Sienna from a real one? I saw another post regarding VIP fashions on Ebay...they have one I want....
  2. There are heaps of fake Siennas on ebay, so watch out!! I received one myself and believe me, they are mirror copies, you really have to know the bag to realize! I sent my fake one back and thankfully got most of my money back and decided to be a bit more careful (and spend a bit more...) next time. I got the most beautiful Sienna in Ivory from FreshFashionstore, which are the most pleasant, helpful ebayer you could deal with! They are having a break at the moment, but will be back soon. The (good) fakes have a really strong leather smell (this is one of the factors they use to convince you it's the real deal...)
    I had no idea what the bag was meant to be like, but was disappointed with the leather, it seemed sloppy, not what you expect from a $600 bag!! If something seems wrong with anything that is supposed to be quality designer goods, it usually is!! Believe me, when I got the real thing, I didn't have to question it all, it was totally beautiful and ever way!
  3. I have a list of 3 people I buy from on ebay. They can be trusted. I don't usually look much further than these sellers because the vast majority of Koobas on Ebay are fake. It's good to hear that VIP is good. I have always wondered and never bid. I use Upscaletrend Ali-Babe or Sur*Goddess. Also LNinos has authentic bags. I've gotten a Frankie from him in the new pebbled teak. Awesome bag.