Kooba bags in Slate...would you do it?

  1. I have been reading the threads about problems some have been having with the slate color. I have my eye on a Kooba Sloane in slate and am wondering if you would get a bag of that color knowing some have had color change or not? Do you think there is a production problem that Kooba doesn't know about with this color?
  2. I probably would. I had a Nina in slate for awhile, but I never really used it so I never encountered the problems.

    But the color is simply fabulous and the leather is lush too. I say go for it, if you love it. :yes:
  3. That slate looks to be an incredibly gorgeous color! I do have a vintage Sienna in Moss and that has a few areas of color change on it. Maybe you won't have the same problem..hopefully not. My issue is having a bag that is so light that I would be worried about it all the time. It's just me to kinda toss 'em around. It's seems as if I have enough to worry about without a fragile light colored bag. I have used the Wilsons Suede and Leather Protector spray on all of my bags and that stuff works great. You might want to give it a try as alot of the other gals swear by it too.
  4. I probably wouldn't go for a Sloane in the Slate, as this seems to be a big, "workhorse" bag...Kinda fitted to carry a lot and maybe a fragile colour isn't right for that sort of bag...I love the Slate and just hope Kooba will use this colour in different styles next year...
  5. I would but I will definitely follow Bessies advice and coat it again and again with leather protector, just in case.