kooba bag- which one?

  1. I can't decide between the Ada woven bag and the new Annie messanger bag. Is the ada bag a summer bag or do you think I can do it in winter too (looking for my fall/winter bag). Or is the Annie a better way to go? TIA
  2. The Ada bag looks a little outdated to me...
    do you haVe pics of the other bag?
  3. I can't picture that one in my mind, can you post pics please?
  4. I am in love with the Annie messenger bag. I saw it at NM in a reddish color and brown. I love the lacing on it.
  5. I think The Ada would go into Winter too but keep in mind what you need it for. Everyday carrying? The Ada is HEAVY!!! The Annie is much lighter. Also the styles completely different with the Ada being casual, and the Annie being casual into dress. I have the Small Keira. The Corset Lacing is ultra cute. I thought about getting the Annie but I was looking for a smaller bag at the time. Here is a Pic of the Annie...
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  6. I think the Annie would be a better "year" around purse. It's nice that you can do it across the body, ala messenger style or on the shoulder if you shorten the strap.

    I'm not sure if the color listed "oak" on the NM.com site is the color I saw... But I saw a beautiful reddish brown tonight at my local NM. It's a GREAT right color.
  7. annie
  8. I think on the Kooba site the new fall Color for the Annie is called Auburn. It is gorgeous, just like you said. I like it better than the Oak.
  9. I also saw it in two sizes at NM. But when I went back to get one, the reddish ones were gone and they just had the brown ones.