Kooba Back-to-School Sale FANTASTIC!!!!

  1. Hey ladies!! All I can say is WOW! They had ALL of the Spring 2007 bags - I mean ALL of them!!! It was much more organized than the SSS Sample Sale. Basically, they give you an order form and you circle what you want - you pay - and then someone goes into the back and brings out your bags. It was nothing short of amazing! It was very busy and in a small room. They had almost every color available in most bags.
    I'm really happy that Kooba is now doing their own sample sales - but this time around - all the bags were BRAND NEW in original packaging. It was really hard to choose.
    The only "old" bags that they had were Silver Chiaras and COGNAC MARCELLES (each for $100). They had several of the Cognac Marcelle - and I picked one up however- some of them were scratched up and not in brand new condition - so I let it go. :sad: I ended up buying a few bags which :nogood::wtf: I was not originally going to do. I ended up getting the Avery, Julia, Roxanne, Phoebe, Nicole and a Slate Lena. No Charlies or Merediths for me - I want to love them but they are just really big on me - the Avery is big but I can pull that off b/c it's narrow..anyway... They accepted Cash (no sales tax) and credit cards (visa mastercard) with sales tax. I wish I would have brought more cash today.

    Okay, now for prices and bags: All bags were $100-$250. As I said their selection was GREAT!! Please don't quote me on the prices because there were a lot of bags and this is what I think I remember -
    -The Parker in Ink color (cute)$250 I believe
    -Stella and Cassandras in metallic colors (no one touched them though can't remember the prices)
    -Angie ($250 -python and regular
    -Julia - ($225) -python and regular
    -Roxanne ($100) - python and regular
    -Charlies in Python and regular leather ($250) they had black and
    -Ryan in Python Black and that Gold Canvas color ($200) really nice shape to this bag!!
    -Meredith ($200 or was it $225?) they had every color but one - they definitely had black and cream and slate.
    I ended up deciding against the slate since seeing it in person - I liked that color on the Sloane and Lena much better.
    -Nina- $200 or $225 - all colors, either you love the chain or you don't
    -Phoebe (all colors $100 each - a steal)
    -Sloane - all colors believe that was $250
    -Lena- all colors $200 I think
    -The gorgeous AVERY in every color - $250
    -The Nicole:yahoo:($175) in every color except slate.
    They had black, luggage and Rose!!!!
    -Josie - (forget)
    -None of the new bags like Eden or Harper,etc.

    My advice: bring CASH to save sales tax and go to this one rather than the one on the 10/23 it can't be beat.

    Many many thanks to KoobaBagLover for posting this! You rock!
  2. I just came back from the sale. They were beautiful!
  3. Thanks for the excellent report. I'm counting the minutes...
  4. wow thanks!! i'm going there now!!
  5. Im moving to NY for a week!LOL But it would take me a week to get there if I drive. Thanks for the info I hope everyone gets some great bags and maybe us others can benefit through eBay sales.
  6. I just tried on (again) the bags and I can't tell you how in love I am - especially the Rose Avery and the Lena in Slate. That Lena is one AWESOME bag!!!!!!!!
  7. Do you know if they are accepting phone orders? And if so, is there a number?
  8. yeah!!!!
  9. Just came home with my beautiful black nina:yahoo:love her!!!
  10. lovekoobabags-I know, the slate lena is delicious!! I almost bought it but controlled myself in the end...painfully put down the lena since I needed a smaller sized bag more and I already have a black sloane. I do want to get something in lena in the future though!
  11. Nice report! It'll be interesting to see if some of these bags start popping up on e-bay shortly.
  12. I am sooooooooooo jealous and bummed I couldn't get there today but one amazing friend picked up a luggage nicole which I have wanted for ages thank you thank u. You are my kooba angel!!! Now to decide if its worth going tomorrow am and/ or if there is anything else my kooba heart desires
  13. My thoughts exactly, eBay should be interesting for the next few days...
  14. I am so happy to whoever went and picked up the bags they were looking for, I myself got the Nicole in Black and wanted a Ryan in Black Python but they said they were out of it and will have more the next day. I will have to go on my lunch but I don't care I want that bag!
  15. hi i can't go but if someone could pick up for me a parker in ink, a ryan in python, an avery in rose and a sloane in slate i will buy them from you. just pm me if you have them and i'll send payment right off. i am at work all day tomorrow to get the pm