kooba at off 5th san diego

  1. off 5th has 30% off again...still have Lena in Bark and Honey and I think black and Sienna in cream. I didn't check price yesterday but I think with the extra discount they would be around $200
  2. Thanks for heads up. I am always on the look out for an ivory sienna, I had the scarlett but it was a bit too small for everyday needs. But everywhere I turn I only see it in Cream.
  3. Thanks! Sigh....I know 2 hours away isn't bad, but I sure wish I lived down there.....:heart:
  4. Don't you live in LA? Don't they have one in Pasadena???
  5. Oh yes - and a Saks Off Fifth in Camarillo - half an hour away, but I just meant San Diego in general. I want to live in La Jolla or Del Mar.....:crybaby:
  6. Don't we all!
  7. Let me tell you, I am a San Diego native and this is really the best place in the whole world. I didn't appreciate it until now. But to live in Del Mar or La Jolla you would be dealing with a whole new type of person. (Maybe I should be careful what I say but...) I worked in both those areas when I was younger and the people are very snotty IMO.

    But maybe they can because they live there... I don't know....

    And of course not EVERYONE is like that...:smile:
  8. Where in San Diego are you???
  9. 10 minutes east of LJ shores... :smile:
  10. Ah - I have a friend who lives in Tierrasanta! :tup:
  11. They are a little bit east of us. We are actually in University City. We moved here a year ago and love it since we are pretty central.:heart::heart::heart: