Kooba at Costco

  1. Was surprised to see Kooba at Costco yesterday. It was one of the shiny bags (Dylan?) for around $400.
  2. Which Costcos? What state? Thank you!
  3. They had an ink Kooba at the Torrance, California Costco on Skypark for $400+. I can't remember the style. It was slouchy. I'll investigate. It was in the glass case where they put all the crystal.
  4. ^^^ Oh my goodness! I'd be interested to know which ink Kooba they had. I am stalking an ink Natasha! Let us know if you happen to go back. Thanks!
  5. The one I saw was in San Diego (Mission Valley). I think it was brown or rust.
  6. Sorry, I was mistaken. It was a Jackie or a Dylan in Eggplant. I went back this morning and it was gone:sad:
  7. OMG for real?? Not surprised it went fast!
  8. hrrmmmm, this might be the selling point for me to join COSTCO...
  9. Not sure if you're joking but if you are serious, I wouldn't recommend joining Costco for bag shopping. I love Costco in general but most of the time they only have Maxx NY at the ones I go to. Occasionally they have some less popular Coach bags. Not much to get excited about. I only saw Kooba that one time...I suppose they may get more though, you never know and I guess they were current season bags.
  10. I agree, don't join Costco for the bags....LOL
    We have a Sam's club which is the same thing and they always have the Maxx bags, one pink Kate Spade and a Coach Sig Demi from like 4 years ago. They want 98.00 for it and you can buy them on eBay cheaper. Never saw any Koobas. They had a Prada nylon bag once.
  11. Haven't seen any at my local Costco but I'm going to take a look when I do my pre-Thanksgiving trip next week. Thanks for the tip!