Kooba at Century 21

  1. They have the Marcelle in Moss and Ciara (or Claudia) not sure which one in the Honey Brown on sale for $179 down from $286 down from $595. Super bargins in my book.... so I scooped up both, can't wait to rock 'em.

    So if you're in NYC go have yourself a look.

    Hilda :smile:

    Hi everyone, I've been lurking for a bit and enjoy reading about everyone's pursescapades.....
  2. Thanks so much!! Which C21 did you find them at?
  3. The C21 in Long Island didnt have much in the bag department, i went yesterday.......i mean alot of bags, but nothing really high end....i was disappointed.
  4. Found them @ the Courtland St. store.
  5. Ooh, were they in the glass case or int eh racks outside? Honestly, I hate C21 (downtown NYC). Crowded, disorganized, rude customer service (and I got a pair of new tights with hidden holes -ugh!).
    I heard shoes and bags are good deals. But are bags like Koobas outside? What are the other good bag brands there? i saw Tod's and Judith Leiber in the cases.
  6. They were behind the counter so yes you will have to deal with the "rude" people back there ;)

    H :smile: