Kooba "Annie" leather update

  1. Here is the bag with leather looking pretty funky:

    Here is after I've been working on it. It looks acceptable IMHO. Thank you for those who directed me to Lovinmybag site, I ordered some of the products today (no, I didn't use them yet) Fortunately it's a vintage leather. It's a little darker than original but the whole bag is looking darker in spots so it pretty much blends in IMHO. What do you think?

    BTW I have called Kooba many times, get voice mail, leave a message and they've never called back. I think the amount of $$ they are charging for these bags they could either
    a)include specialized cleaning instructions including products they recommend and those to avoid
    b) return phone calls.
    The message to me is you are on your own with these bags and this is a pretty high maintenance type leather (that is if you actually use the handbag.)

    As far as the bag and the style I really, really love it and my point wasn't to get a refund, I just think a brand-new bag shouldn't be such a maintenance nightmare. I bought this bag specifically to travel with (daughter just got accepted to professional school many states away) and it suits my needs more than any other I've seen.

    Here's after:
  2. Shappy, great job! Your bag looks so much better now! I'm glad you didn't give up on owning a Kooba altogether, though I can totally understand your frustration with their service.

    Looks great! :happydance:
  3. It looks much better, congrats.
  4. Nice job on a beautiful bag. It certainly is discouraging to hear that Kooba doesn't seem to show much concern for its customers after the sale. It's a good thing that we have quite a few knowledgeable gals here to help.
  5. what a relief - your bag is now usable! I would definitely think twice before getting a kooba after reading some of the kooba threads. It's a shame because the kooba dylin (is that the name?), elisha and bonnie are wonderful looking and the leather is so lush.
  6. It would turn my head!.........
  7. Looks much better! I love your wood floors too ;)