Kooba and Revolve Clothing

  1. I managed to delete the email with my 30% off code and asked them to send me a new one, here is the reply:

    Hi there,

    Thank you for your inquiry. I am very sorry but the email sent to you was an automated email. Please go ahead and place the order for the item (s) that you want, and email us back with your invoice number and we will be sure to take the 30% off. Please remember coupon codes/ price matching does not apply to the following brands: Kooba, Citizens of Humanity, Hudson, True Religion, Joe's Jeans, Seven For All Mankind, Nudie Jeans, Paige Denim, and Zooey. We look forward to doing business with you!

    Very unhappy about this, but didn't some of you order Koobas, receiving the discount?
  2. I did, and it went through. It was a bag that was on sale though.
  3. I would have them send a new code to a different email. Then try to checkout and see if the code will work.

  4. I agree! It's worth making a second email even on hotmail if you don't have one. I think that rule is fine but if it's fine for some and not for others, then I say throw caution to the wind!
  5. Maybe you can fool the system by entering the code directly at checkout & they've been honoring the Kooba sales anyway, cuz they are a reputable business.
    Or is this a new rule that they are trying to implement?
  6. It's not a new rule, it was there when the coupon worked for me, I read it and tried the code anyway. Just make a second email and get a new code. :smile:
  7. Well my code worked for non-sale and sale koobas?
    Maggie..when I accidently deleted the code from my AOL account, i signed up again on Revolve using my Hotmail account and they sent a new one there.
    Have you got a different email address? Or you could always sign up to hotmail or yahoo etc. and do it that way.
  8. The code is valid for two years, so I was going to wait until fall and see what Kooba comes up with, but you're right, I have another email address (or my friend will sign up) Just liked to know I had that 30% discount sitting there, in case something caught my eye...
  9. The code should work for Kooba.