Kooba and Betsey Johnson.com?

  1. Here's an odd one: My Auburn Brynne arrived today (gorgeous!!!) from the Kooba.com sale. At first I didn't know what the package was because the return address was listed as betseyjohnson.com! While I have a couple of BJ bags I hadn't ordered anything from them and didn't know what the heck it was until I opened it.

    Are the companies "related"? Or perhaps they share a warehouse or shipping center? I never noted this on any of my other purchases direct from Kooba. Anyone else notice this before?
  2. Congratulations! I also have a auburn Brynne bought from Revolve, it's such a pretty bag! :yes:
  3. Hi! :smile:

    Isn't the color just spectacular? It's such a deep, rich red/brown. I love it!:yahoo:
  4. Big yay to the auburn Brynne, you know what, now I really want a black too:confused1:
  5. Wow, that's twighlight zone stuff...
  6. It is weird - one of the addresses listed under contact information on the Betsey Johnson site is the same as Kooba's. Perhaps it's the internet sales office for several designers. :confused1:
  7. ...or a distribution center? Interesting.
  8. My two koobas I ordered from the big sale arrived today. Came with Betsey return address. Threw me for a loop until I opened it up, found my two koobas and the kooba sales receipt. I guess maybe it is same distribution center?
  9. Hi:

    I think that's exactly what it is. The Betsey website lists the same address.
  10. Yes, my auburn Keira came with that addy too. How odd.
  11. :yes: