Kooba Ada

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  1. Anybody have one? What do you think? I've heard they weigh lot. More than Marc Jacobs?
  2. Anbody?
  3. Hi, I have an older black Ada and a newer bourbon or it maybe terraine :smile: both are heavy, but I have to admit the bourbon Ada is much lighter and I carry her a lot . I can't give you any heads up on MJ because I don't own any.. I hope that helps.
  4. Hi
    I have a black ada. It looks beautiful but is too heavy and deep for me. I keep thinking of selling it but then I model it and decide it's too beautiful to sell. It's definately not something I would want to carry everyday.
  5. Gosh, I've never thought of my bourbon Ada as extremely heavy, but there again I bought her and haven't worn her. Still in the wardrobe which means she should probably go to eBay. :shame: One day maybe she will, when I'm brave enough to fight off scammers and hopefully deal with the nice folk!!!
  6. I have a bourbon Ada and love it. It is a large bag but I do not find it to be too heavy. I don't think I could ever part with it. I don't have a MJ so cannot do a comparison.
  7. I had a sand Ada and I would say that it is heavier than the average bag. I gave it to my mum and she has used it many times and it has gone sooooo soft and smooshy now and has a gorgeous patina to it.

    Im thinking of taking it back off her now...LOL!
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