Kooba Ada

  1. Ladies,

    I am no longer a Kooba virgin!!!! I ordered the Kooba Ada in black like five minutes ago!!! I am totally over the moon with excitement. I love studs on bags!! I also am eyeing the Brynne...

    *walks out of thread weighing the importance of food and nutrition*

    Thanks Cheekers for showing me the light!!!! :wlae:
  2. SWEET!
    I just purchased the Kooba Avery on eBay.
    This will be my first Kooba bag as well. Never thought much about them till I saw and touched one at Holt's.
    Post a pic up when it arrives :nuts:
  3. Congrats!
  4. Oh Goodie! More Converts.
    When can we officially Call ourselves a Cult??? A KoobaKult! LOL
  5. I def will post picts! I have never seen or touched a Kooba in real life. I am just a sucker for studs and a bag!!! The Avery is hot, I really like it. It's big and I love a big handbag.
  6. Congratulations BW! You'll love your new Ada!!!

    Thanks for joining our family! :smile:
  7. It's a great thick leathery bag with big studs. I opted for the Ada's little sister called the Jillian. She's one of my favorites.


    jillian side.JPG

    Jillian Bottom.JPG
  8. Congrats and welcome aboard! Koobas are highly addictive but SO much fun.:girlsigh:
  9. Welcome to the Kooba fan club BagWhore.. hope you'll enjoy your first Kooba! It won't be your last. congrats!
  10. You'll love the Ada, I have one in Black and Woven Leather. Both ohhh soo pretty.

  11. We could call ourselves the Kooba Klan; Kooba Kools;
    the Kooba Kookies; Kooba Kickers; etc. LOL!! What other names could we come up with? WE WANT A KOOBA THREAD!!!!:yes:
  12. The Kooba Klub!
  13. We could even have a secret handshake...
  14. Kooba Kult?

    I only have 1...a Claudia hobo that just thrills me.

    Congrats on a beautiful bag choice Bagwhore! They are addictive IRL.
  15. Congratulations on your Ada! We'll all look forward to seeing pics..with you modeling, of course.