Kooba Ada - is it really that heavy?

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  1. I love the look of the Ada in bourbon, but doubt I will ever own one if it's that heavy, but how heavy is heavy? Lexie, I read your response to another post which said "I just sold my Black Leather Ada because it weighed 42 lbs empty!!!" Are you serious? :wtf::wtf::wtf: ... surely not.
  2. Yes, it IS that heavy.

    I lifted, no let me rephrase, hoisted one onto my shoulder in a store and my knees almost buckled.

    I kid you not.

    But they look fabulous.
  3. Ladysalesrep, you are hilarious. Do you think the weight issue is why there tend to be a lot on eBay? It's such a shame because there's a bourbon one that looks to die for.

    Is there anyone who has one, loves it and actually uses it?
  4. Grace has a bourbon Ada..

    Here is a thread she did, with a few pics.
    Hopefully she will come on and fill us in about the weight. :yes:

    Also, about the Ada, can it be carried on the shoulder? Its looks like it could be a tight fit.
  5. Here I am to save the day! :P

    I don't think it's that bad..but then you're talking to a person who does bicep curls with 25 pound weights. When I threw my Audrey in it, it definitely added to the weight, but w/out it, I don't really notice it as being a load.

    But I'm pretty strong so you may think it's a monster. Is there a store where you can go try one on? Put some stuff in it and see how you feel?
  6. ps: yes you can put it on your shoulder, it IS snug but it does help keep it there for me cause my shoulders slope. I look like a hanger. :yes:
  7. Thanks Grace...

    Just off to window shop for Ada's....:graucho:
  8. Thanks for finding the thread Halzer.

    Bicep curls with 25lb weights???? Good grief Grace, I have a problem with 4 pounders! No chance of me being able to pick up an Ada then. Shame because it looks fabulous in pics. There are quite a few Ada's up for sale but well priced baby versions (Jillians) have dried up :sad:
  9. Waves to Grace....another weight lifter here. I do 25lb wts. for curls too! And I load up that leg press up with 6-45lb. plates, yet I still couldn't carry an Ada. That bag is so beautiful though.

    Ps, for the shoulder slope try Arnold shoulder presses, the twist at the end puts a little cap on the end to hold those bags. *s
  10. Mini, I shouldn't have exaggerated like I did. That bag doesn't weigh an ounce over 41 lbs! But it sure is beautiful!
  11. Too funny Lexie, I think I'll pass on ever having an Ada. I can't afford the crane that I'd need to accompany it!
  12. Knock it off, ladysales, you have me in stitches..just went back to the gym two days ago after an 8 month break:nuts: Well, I feel like a ninety year old, can hardly move my legs...sorry, where were we.., the Ada...Grace, could we have some photos of those biceps?
  13. My jillian is pretty heavy! and that is ada's little sis!

    I tried on Ada at the sample sale, within 3 minutes I realized NO WAY could I carry this beautiful bag around. So I opted for Jiliian. So glad I did!
  14. Lexie....I'm directed to Jessie's on those ebay auctions......Love the Jessie's, too.