Kooba Ada in Bourbon or Sand????????

  1. Just to catch you up - I ended up buying the jillian (in bourbon) from Bergdorfs - but thanks to you girls I read about the great sale at NM - so I ordered the cheaper one and returned the first one. A little work but worth saving the money - And it is to die for - I have named it "the precious"!! On to my new challenge! I really want an ada but don't know which to get - bourbon or sand???? Any thoughts or comments would be much appreciated!!! ;)
  2. I think the Ada is the big sister to the Jillian, and I would love either color because the leather on that bag is just unbeatably beautiful.....a real head-turner. I don't think you could go wrong with either because I believe the colors, to me, are all-year round colors.
  3. Since you have the Jillian in bourbon, go for the sand. I like them both a lot though! I think Halzer has one in sand (there are excellent photos around of her with it) and Mini just got a bourbon one and also posted some great photos. Those photos could also help you make up your mind.
  4. Follybeach, I recently got the bourbon Ada, but prior to that I wasn't sure whether to get the bourbon or sand. It just so happened that I found a bourbon that fitted the bill, so I went for it, but I think I would have been just as happy with the sand if a good deal had turned up.

    I'm not much help am I? Sorry. I will say that it's a great bag though.
  5. I really love the bourbon color - when I first laid eyes on my new Jillian in bourbon I almost fainted:smile: It is such a gorgeous bag. I figured I needed the big sister, too!! I have never seen the sand in person - some pictures I see look really good and others not so good. I live a million miles away from any department store - so looking in person is out.
  6. The sand is a very warm, buttery color that has texture and movement.....you would love it....I would take a Jillian in sand or bourbon any day of the week!
  7. If you have the jillian in bourbon I say get the ada in sand. I have never seen these bags IRL but they look great.