KOOBA ADA $322 at active endeavors!!

  1. i just got mine yesterday after paying this price/ordering thanks to this forum!!!
    question: does anyone know if it's normal to show a little fading in the leather even if brand new? i show a TINY bit of light greyish/white in my terraine color ADA in some spots...you really have to look closely of course to see it..i just studied it so much when i got it...thanks
  2. Don't know about the fading..., but I was wondering - how heavy is the bag?:confused1:
  3. the package weight it came in said 3 lbs, meaning with the box and contents
    it's pretty heavy, and that is one of my concerns too as i carry a lot of baby stuff but will have to cut some stuff out...did you order?
    it's a STUNNING bag though, absolutely beautiful.
  4. Check out Post#6 on Biggest Buyers Remorse Bags. She bought the woven, which is probably heavier, but she said that the studs hurt her shoulder. Let me know how you like it, bc it is beautiful.
  5. i think i can deal with the weight, i don't often hold my bag as i'm pushing around my stroller, and if i dont' have my stroller/kids with me, then i'll just put a lot less in and it will be way lighter than what i already carry around in my other baby bags anyway...
  6. You'll be the most stylish mamma out there!
  7. Thanks for the info. I've been going back and forth about a Kooba for three days. I decided to buy the Ada too. I can't wait to get it!!! If anyone sees a Lena, Carla, or Paige Kooba in black on sale please tell me!!! I'm addicted and love this site.

  8. Yes that was me that bought the woven - but I don't think that's the one that ohlookmoretrees is speaking of since mine was $362 and the one she cites is $322.

    Also worth mentioning is the fact the Kooba ADA I bought from Active Endeavours has been on sale since the summer and has been up ever since. They're not moving it. I wish I had went for the Botkier Skeleton bag in chocolate instead. Those are impossible to find now and I am desperate to have one! :hysteric:
  9. yeah, i was refering to the non-woven one, but they're sold out apparently! the link i put up is dead and the only ada they have left is the woven one, which is $362. i was going to buy it, but the ada looks really heavy so i hesitated. for the ladies that bought it, tell us if the weight/studs are a problem!
  10. I also went to Saks off 5th today and they have alot of Koobas on sale. Plus you can use the 30% off coupon until Oct. 29th. They had Siennas (embossed), Claudia, Brynne, Marcelle, etc. I bought a black Claudia today for $195.00.:yahoo: Go get them before the sale ends!!
  11. there is a coupon for 20% for active endeavors: toutie. kooba lena is soo pretty and worth it with the discount.
  12. krista, which Saks off 5th did you go to? i wish there was one closer to me...the nearest is a good 2 hour drive away =[
  13. I live in Michigan (Metro Detroit area) There are 2 Saks off 5th stores within 20 - 30 mins of me. It's probably worth the drive. Call the store and ask what types of bags they have on the floor.
  14. I purchased the black ada from active endeavors- should be here tomorrow. It is such a great bag at such an incredible deal. The Kooba bags I have owned are such resiliant and sturdy bags for everyday use!! Hopefully, this one won't be too heavy!!