kooba 50% off

  1. Love the style of the Marcelle..but unfortunately I'm not a metallic kinda gal. Thanks for posting this great deal on a Kooba.
  2. :heart: My heart just stopped then.

    :wtf: I very nearly broke every rule I have set myself.

    Sheesh, I am seriously in need of help. Even when metallic was mentioned, I had to go check, although I am not into metallic at all.

    Someone going to get a lovely new baby there. Woohoo.

    Thanks for sharing.
  3. My daughter would like it for certain...cute metallic.
  4. Ahhh! I just bought 2 coach bags and one Juicy satchel this week. I am too broke to get this. I LOVE IT. I need metalic pruse!!!!
  5. This has been at the price but sold out for awhile ... did it become available again? B/c I show it is still sold out.
  6. gone
  7. I saw Marcelle in moss at Saks Off last weekend for $280 or so. Very nice bag.
  8. That was such a good deal.
  9. If you are in love with this bag, I saw this one of these last week at Saks Off Fifth Dearborn - 50% off I believe.
  10. There was one on eBay a bit ago too, didn't sell.