"kong" question"...

  1. Ive been reading about freezing "kongs" with peanut butter in them, for strong chewing dogs. ( earlier threads regarding serious chewers)
    I've only used dry treats stuffed in kongs for my dogs. My question is this, when you use peanut butter, isnt it necessary to run the kong through the dishwasher or something when the dog is through? Is it difficult to clean the inside?
    I really want to try this, because I have two MAJOR CHEWERS and they both adore peanut butter. I just thought cleaning might be an issue...or maybe I'm just incredibly lazy?!...
    Advise please?
  2. I think a rinse with a little bit of soap might be enough, my dogs licks the inside of the kong clean! :rolleyes:
  3. My puppy doesnt really chew the kong. She just licks the pb out. Do you think she will eventually chew it when her mouth gets bigger?

    Oh and I think a hot water and soap should be enough to clean them.
  4. My dog doesn't really chew the kong either, she just licks the entire inside of the Kong clean.

    And they are dishwasher safe, so I am lazy and just run it through there once a week.
  5. I just boil them once in a while...that ussually gets anything out.

    You can go to the Kong website to get more ideas of things to stuff it with.
  6. they sell a brush you can clean it out with, but boiling it should work fine

    my dogs get most of the stuff out w/their tongues though!

    sometimes i fill it with peanut butter, cheerios, dog treats, veggies and cheese, veggies and cream cheese, crackers and cheese/or pb, some wet kibble....i freeze all of these
  7. I am going sound like a terrible owner - I have never washed my dog's kong... and I've never thought about washing it either. It can get pretty grubby after he's had a got with it, but that usually dries out and falls off. It's pretty gross when I think about it but hey, he licks his own butt - how bad can it be?

  8. She's just a baby! It might be too big for her, or she just may not be a persistent chewer. Some dogs will chew anything - clothes, carpet, shoes, toys, branches, trees, irrigation systems, screen doors... others just aren't that into it and Bella might be one of these :yes:

    Also, you might find that it's too heavy-duty for her - kongs are built for really chewy dogs, but you could try some small rawhides (either knot bones or strips) and see if she takes to those. You might find they come in handy when she's teething and her gums are itching like crazy LOL. Just be careful to buy the neutral ones... some of the highly coloured/flavoured ones can give puppies skin irritations.

    My dog started chewing when he started losing his teeth. I had no idea that dogs lost their teeth like humans do - it totally freaked me out when his first tooth came out while we were playing tug-o-war... it just snapped clean off and flew across the yard!
  9. thanks for the tips and advise ladies. I guess I've been on a cleaning tear since the holidays... maybe time to chill and just let the dogs enjoy their kongs in peace!
  10. No need for cleaning!! My Lucy will lick it completely clean. Although I've only filled her Kong toy with dry kibble. She looooves it though!
  11. I throw it in the dishwasher after she's finished licking it out.
  12. I've always just soaked them in hot soapy water, then rinsed them clean. I never knew they were dishwasher safe!