KONAD plates not long/wide enough for nails...

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  1. Is anyone having this problem or do I just have really large nails?

    Normally, the designs are perfect for all of my nails except my thumb nail. It's a bit wide and longer than my other nails. My nails are also square-shaped and VERY SHORT, so I can't imagine how people with long nails use the full-design konad plates.

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  2. My nails are itty bitty so I haven't had a problem... sorry to hear that you do though!
  3. I think most people with really long nails do the design and a french tip. When my nails started getting a little long I noticed that the image just fit and if I grew my nails more then there would be a gap at the top or bottom. That is typically my cue to cut my nails a little before they start breaking
  4. Yeah, I have this problem too. I want super Konad plates.

    See the gap at the tips?


    So now I usually trim my nails right before I wear a full plate design. Then it just barely covers my thumb and completely covers my other fingers:


    Otherwise you can practice lining up your stamps well, because then you can do half your thumb and then stamp the other half to fill it. :smile:
  5. ugh, I have that problem with my thumb also. I wish the images were a teeny bit bigger and the stamper was larger too! On all my fingernails, they fit fine (they are kind of narrow and short) but on my thumb, I have to line it up JUST RIGHT or else it doesn't totally cover it.

    I know some polishers with longer nails are able to line up the stamp, one after another, in order to have it cover their longer nails. Some people do this really well!! I've tried doing that on my thumb - it's pretty difficult though.
  6. I think I have the opposite problem. I keep my nails really short and some of the designs are just too big!
  7. My nails are on the short side so I don't have too much problem with it fitting my fingers. However my thumbs I get a small gap, so I just try to center it.
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