KONAD Nail Art Stamp Kit

  1. Thanks for the tips and pics *Jem*. I especially love this one and think it would be great for V-day.
  2. Oooooh wow! That pink and white looks absolutely stunning!
  3. I'm a Konad lover too! :nuts:

    Here are pics of past Konad-icures. (Currently i'm rockin hot pink nails w.black zebra stripes)

    White "special polish" over China Glaze Recycle

    Color Club Limelight over a coat of white; black "special polish" checkerboard tips

    White "special polish" leopard print over Hot Topic Purple

    Black "special polish" argyle over Sally Hanson Shrimply Divine

    Black "special polish" plaid over Sally Hanson white

    Black "special polish" star tips over orange

    A previous zebra design
  4. ^^ yay, there's Diesel, Diesel is the KONAD queen over here on TPF :-P

  5. looks great:nuts:, when did you get this kit?
  6. jem- your KONAD looks fantastic on you

    imashopaholic- hope you have lots of fun using it!!! and i can't wait to see your v-day mani that you create :biggrin:. my tip for you would be to: after you scrape away the paint, get to stamping as fast as you can b/c the nail polish sure dries fast.
  7. I don't paint my fingernails but did get sucked into buying one of these by one of those annoying kiosk people in Vegas last year. I was intending to use it for my pedicures but never got around to it so sold it at a yard sale last summer.
  8. I got one or 2 plates a few years back and bought a few more just last year. Believe this was prolly from last year judging by the code number. Back then, my friend even had a machine whereby you fix the plate and you just insert your finger but free hand with the kit is ok too (and cheaper; i think she paid USD75 for the machine, tot i recall she topped up for the plates and NPs, can't quite recall now).

    And you know what? There was even one night when she drove and we brought the machine and NPs and all to the beach and did our nails there! Those were the days!
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    Jem, your nails are beautiful! Do you know of any other colors/brands that work really well? I use http://makeupalley.com/user/notepad/sassepiano as a reference, but I'd love to know what your favorites are.

    I buy my Konad stuff from http://senggigienterprises.com/store/index.html. They ship super fast (I get my orders within 3 days or 4 if I ordered on a weekend) and free shipping + no tax.

    I'm still really inexperienced at it, so my stamping is awkward, especially since the full plate stencils aren't big enough for my long nails and I need to stamp it twice. I always end up overlapping or not connecting the plate enough. I think I need to cut my nails so they look like Jem's does.
  10. Diesel&Coco, your combos are awesome! So creative. :smile: I added your plates to my wishlist now.

  11. Hi! Sasse had a great list. I started there. My favs are The China Glaze Romantique and OMG collections. I have had great luck with fingerpaints polish found at Sallys. Any chrome finish polish works well as well as the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes, you have to be quick with these though. I recently tried one of the Sephora for OPI polishes and it was good. I think really anything that isn't too shimmery works. A good black is the WetnWild Black cream. hth!

    Also thanks for all the compliments Ladies! I am still learning the Konad
  12. Oooh, how neat! I wonder if they have them in Canada.
  13. ^^^^ My sister bought hers in Calgary during the Stampede. I don't think I've seen it in malls yet :shrugs:
  14. Diesel&Coco, you are the Konad Queen!! :queen: Thanks so much for posting these pics. Your nails look great!
    aquablueness, I can't wait for the kit to arrive and will definitely post my first time attempt for sure.

  15. wow, how fun! that sounds like what me and my GFs use to do :heart:, on yes, those were the days. i'm deciding to buy a few more plates...maybe DBF will get a few for me for V-day :heart:, i'd like the full nail ones.

    the machine sounds interesting, did KONAD come out with that machine? i've never heard of it before.