KONAD Nail Art Stamp Kit

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  1. I just bought this and can't wait to use it to help with my non-existent nail art application ability.
    I got the kit that contains 3 x 10ml polish (red, white, blue), 4 image plates, a scraper and stamp.


    Just wondering if you lovely ladies have the KONAD stamp kit and if so, what your thoughts are.
    Please post pics of the nail art you've achieved using this system. TIA! :flowers:
  2. I bought the same one in Vegas a year ago. At first, I really liked it and it worked really well but for some reason after using it a few times (maybe 20 times) it kinda stopped working. The nail polish just won't stay on my nails, and the design wouldn't completely stencil. I think I just need to get a new stamper. Be sure to file the actual stamp before you use it or the polish would not stick to it.

    Lat me know how it works out for you, share some tips how you do it.:smile:
  3. Thanks for replying kmcq. But could you please explain what you mean by 'file the stamp'? :thinking: Thanks.
  4. Where can you buy the konad kit?

    I have never seen it before and want to know where to look for it.
  5. I've seen these in the little kiosks at the mall. I never bothered to even stop, seeing as most of the things they sell at those kiosks are crap lol. Ill have to check it out next time I go by one!
  6. imashopaholic - just for you:P. It is very easy to use but might need to clean up a bit if any of the col goes onto your skin when you are stamping. Remember to have only the polish on the pciture, otherwise it might be transferred onto your nail when you stamp, i.e. scrap well.


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  7. Viv, you're too good to me! :lol: I love everything about this kit. Your nails look fab! Thanks for posting. :tup:
  8. You can do half the pattern i.e. u can see i have 2 flowers on my index and middle fingers but you know you can put polish on just one flower so that you get only one flower instead of 2, which i think wld look nicer on say my short nails than such a big piece of picture on short nails..

    and you can even have one flower in say white and the other in red, all you need to do is to fill one flower in white and one in red, scrape then use the stamper to pick up the pattern then transfer it onto your nails.

    Same as having different colours for flower and leaves/stem.
  9. The lady that sold them to me said that since the stamp is pretty smooth, the polish won't stick to it, so she said to use a nail file and file the actual stamp gently Does that make sense? hehe! Hope it helps :P
  10. Ha! As in filing the stamp to make it less smooth?
  11. Blue and wine red butterflies.

    French mani (notice there is a strand of cotton wool stuck on my middle finger? Useful to have your anil polish remover, cotton wools or the type you use to clean ears i.e. 2 cotton buds on each end of a stick ready for internal cleanings to be done to the plate, the stamp, the scraper, etc...)

    Also the french on my ring finger is not straight, i find it tough for me to achieve a st line like the middle finger, it is hit and miss for me, most of the time a MISS. Haha..can choose to 'purposely' do slant at odd and different angles if you are like me. But guess most of you are more skillful than me.

    I also find it easy to use a light base in this case, OPI Alter Ego, so that I can clean of the pattern if there are any mistakes and even tho the base comes off a little, it is not obvious. Cos the Konad NP is well, a NP and not paint (paint can come off with just water, no need for nail polish remover).

    I also find that non Konad NP works as well too, the SA told me as long as the NP is thick (Konad's quite thick), it cld work too.



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  12. Oooh they're fab Viv. Thanks again for doing this and posting pics. You're the best!! :hugs:
  13. You can buy them from here too: http://www.konadnailart.com/index1.html

    I've seen them as kits, but I'd prefer to buy them from the site so I can just purchase only the plates I'll actually use. :smile:
  14. My stamp kit should arrive in the next few days which is great as I'll have time to play around with it and work out what I'll wear on my nails for V-day (less than 3 weeks away now!!). :nuts:
  15. Here are a few of My Konad attempts. I also have a few tips that I've learned from some lovely ladies that I am passing on

    1. make sure you file your stamper so that the stamping surface is not rounded. Having a little bit flatter top makes transferring the image much easier. I filed the middle (most round) of my stamper and its so easy to transfer

    2. dont waste money on the expensive konad special polishes. most any cream polish will work. I always test colors out first. I am surprised at how many work

    3. do not use the metal scraper that comes with the kit. it scratches up your plates. I use a plastic dave and busters power card as a scraper. it works fantastic. You can also purchase a plastic scraper at one of the konad retailers

    here are my pics.....