Kokeshi dolls~ anyone else love them?!

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  1. I have just stumbled across these amazing dolls, I was wondering if anyone has them or collects them!
    I adore anything Japanese and I am like this right now:yahoo:! I just can't believe how cute they are and the lovely meaning behind them!

    Does anyone know which ones are the best to buy? Modern or traditional etc?!

    TIA xx
  2. How did I know you would have seen them!! Myy secret twin in disguise!lol!!
    Yeh I think those have copied the kokeshi dolls! I am definatley ordering one tomorrow!! I just have to decide what one! There are soo many!
  3. LOL!
    They do look like them alot but i like the look of the Kokeshi dolls more!
    I love the one with the blonde bob!
    SO CUTE!
    just get them all ;)
    they arnt that expensive !
  4. Cute- they're kind of an anime-d, cutesy take on some more traditional wooden dolls. We have a few of the traditional ones.
  5. i love kokeshi dolls. my SO buys them for me and iv got about 6 now. they are so cute.
    blyth dolls frighten me but these are too cute.
  6. Those are so cute!
  7. I know i am scared of the blythe dolls too!! I cant wait to get mine!
    Can you post a pic of yours cherry pie?
  8. I have 2 little ones... They are obviously not original ones, but kokeshi inspired keychains... They are cute anyway!
  9. ^ Those are gorgeous!! I love them!!
    I prefer the creative ones, i think they are cuter!

    And my dolls came today but instead of the white doll she sent me one with a black kimono! Im like wth?!

    Does anyone order them from the internet? If so what sites are the best? x