Kohls online promo codes and FREE ship

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  1. After a frustrating afternoon of shopping at my local Kohls, I finally purchased the bath towels I wanted online. If you purchase $75 or more, you receive free ship ( which in my case, saved me $24). Free ship ends tomorrow, Aug 19. Also, if you use your Kohls charge, you get an additional 15% off your total purchase with promo code Aug15 and 10% off with promo code NEW7796 for all other cards.:yes:
  2. Thanks for sharing!!!
  3. Using your Kohl's charge 30% off code = BTS30

    Will work thru today 08*19*08

    I used it last evening & saved $48!

  4. Wow, even better! Thanks! :nuts:
  5. THANKS FOR THE HEADSUP ON THE 30% DISCOUNT! I used it just now and actually ordered a few Vera Wang tops last friday with a 20% discount, and the SA gave me the additional 10%-yeh!!!!!!!
  6. You're so welcome!!! I was excited when I found it last night. I added more to my cart when I found the 30% off ;)