Kohls-30% Off Vera Wang!

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  2. That's awesome!! I would have never thought that Vera Wang would design for Kohl's.

  3. There were some very favorable comments posted recently by other members who had been to Kohls and seen the merchandise. My problem is that I just tried to purchase something online, but the item wasn't discounted at all. There doesn't appear to be a code, and the discount wasn't automatically taken when I proceeded to check out!! Has anyone else experienced this? :wtf:
  4. The advertisements that I've seen on TV say the sale starts Thursday.
  5. Thank you! I hadn't seen the tv ad and I was certain that there was no start date printed in the newsletter! I kept trying to figure out what I was doing wrong!!!
  6. Yay! My hard-fought order is set to arrive tomorrow (I don't feel bad about not getting the discount, since most of what I bought is sold out--I might get some new goodies if I like it, tho!).
  7. I got really excited about Vera Wang's line for Kohls, but when I went to see the pieces IRL, I wasn't too impressed. Anyone else share similar sentiments?
  8. that's so cool. thanks.
  9. yea i wasn't too impressed either and the sizes ran kind of big.
  10. Agreed, I was not impressed. Overpriced for the quality IMO. Also, the sizes ran HUGE!
  11. Huge sizes and I'm not a small girl by any means. I was so disappointed in the pieces in real life. The only exception was that the dress in all the adds with the gem details and slightly empire waist looked fabulous on my friend - not so much on me. I thought the shoes looked cheap, except for the knee high leather boots, loved those, but at 4 inches they were too high and I wasn't sure about how they bunched at the knee. Thought maybe I should invest a little more in boots if I could.
  12. Argh, I bought 4 pieces online for full price last weekend. I hope I can get a price adjustment!
  13. There doesn't seem to be a lot..but there are lots of other things besides the clothing that look good.
  14. I did buy a few pieces Sunday and was interviewed by WWD! I said some of the satin was cheesy fabric..I actually was quoted Monday in the article!! LOL
    And as I predicted it went on sale so I plan to go back for a price adjustment!
  15. Funny I didnt think it ran big..