Koh Samui on Sale Hurry Ladies!!!!

  1. just ordered a magenta first and its on sale something like 400 pounds plus i dont have the exact figure yet they have to check shipping cost :love: yeeeyy im getting a brand new MAGENTA!! i hope i like it. ladies they have the pale pink first also on sale call naomi shes such an angel i love her she's very sweet :love: im soo excited :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. Oooh what other colours did the have on sale?
  3. when i ordered they have only the magenta and pale pink first no more city noami told me they were flying off the shelves when the put it on sale im soooo excited cant wait to get my bbag :love: the first sale price is 390 plus shipping cost it would amount to around 400 plus pounds
  4. hehe.. congratulations KAKA =)
  5. ohhh maaaaaan, i just got my magenta first full price. grrr.. lucky you though, congrats!!!
  6. waterfalls & rosetints thank you im so happy to get a magenta, i thought il never get one now its hard to find the color :love:

    rosetints - was just checking your magenta pics and drooling all over it :lol:
  7. Nice! Magenta's a wonderful rich color--enjoy it!
  8. kaka, lucky duck! i got my apple green first there for full price too.
  9. Congrats kaka! You're so lucky to find a magenta on sale. Too bad all these sales on b bags are all in europe.
  10. do they have any other styles in magenta? like the day or work?
    I'm having my mom call now for me because i'm at work and can't make calls to England.
    Thanks kaka for the info!
  11. yey!!!!!! I got the Day bag in magenta on SALE!!!!!! :roflmfao: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: I'm soooo excited!!!! My bag and on sale!!!!!!!
  12. Hey there,
    I'm looking for a First in White...do you think they've got one???:graucho:
  13. call them and see what they have. I had my mom call so i wasn't able to find out what else they had.

    I'm so excited!!!!
  14. congrats, kaka & hc1871!!!! what a wonderful deal!!!!!
  15. Thanks, hc!
    Can you post the phone #?