Koh Gen Do foundation and powder help


Dec 26, 2005
Koh Gen Do has a promo right now for 30 percent off makeup on their website until January5th. I'd love to try one of their foundations and one of their powders but I need help figuring out which one is right for me as well as what foundation shade. Do any of you use the aqua or moisture foundation? I dislike heavy foundation so they both sound ideal. However I need coverage for scars and dark spots. I'm wondering if they will work for me with a good concealer. I'm also trying to figure the differences between the powders. I've read all the reviews i could find online. Any thoughts on their powders and foundations?


Jun 7, 2008
Seattle, Washington
I have tried both of the foundations. I liked the Moisture foundation better in terms of coverage but it did not last on me all day even with a primer. It doesn't help that my skin is somewhat oily but I really liked the finish of it. I bought the Aqua foundation and I like it but don't love it. To get better coverage, I mix it w/another foundation. I have tried it on its own and the coverage isn't bad and it seemed to be longer lasting.

The SA tried the pressed powder on me. I liked it but didn't purchase. I actually liked the Triple Lighting Foundation powder as a setting powder. I didn't buy it though.

I am sure you have seen this review...?